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Add PAM to your product to increase up-time performance

If you're a machine tool builder, control and hardware developer, on-site system integrator, or value-added reseller, you can add PAM to your product or installation to:

  • Differentiate your product
  • Add value to systems
  • Provide a more complete solution
  • Increase customer satisfaction

A built-in PAM interface allows your customers to evaluate and handle machine alarms more efficiently—giving them more machine on-time with less work So PAM improves maintenance, allocation of personnel resources, and factory uptime—increasing productivity and customer satisfaction, and helping you to sell more systems.

Add PAM to a wide variety of systems

Originally developed for NASA, PAM was designed to work with an extremely high level of reliability and flexibility, and provides benefits in a wide array of computer-controlled systems.

  • PAM handles machine alarms with more flexibility and less effort on the customer's part. Using PAM, remote technicians can get information on how serious the deviation is, reset the alarm, and restart the machine remotely.
  • It adds a new level of control to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) automation systems for environmental control rooms. You supply specific details about the HVAC machines for customized language libraries. Pre-built PAM language libraries work for the conversations that turn them on and off, or check and change their current state, since these are the same as for any other device controller.
  • PAM is an ideal addition to any factory automation solution. Customers can use PAM to check sheet and run counts, track job progress, and make dynamic production adjustments—right over the phone.

Conversational interface integration

The I/NET Conversational Interface Toolkits make it easy to incorporate PAM into your products and solutions.

I/NET is ready to work with developers to add state-of-the-art natural language understanding to your products and services. Conversational interface toolkits are available in both JAVATM and Windows® libraries that are easy to integrate into a variety of products.

Find out more about adding the benefits of PAM to your product

Contact us to see how you can add this level of value to your systems.


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