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PAM applications


Use PAM wherever you need easy control

Conversational interface technology, also known as natural language, enables people to control computers and other electronic devices by speaking everyday language. Most voice recognition systems substitute sounds for isolated commands but the PAM conversational interface system enables extended conversations between people and computers—even when the subject is unclear, or if instructions require several exchanges of information.

A more responsive factory floor

Imagine if you could control what happens on your factory floor—no matter where you are. Not only could you and other managers maintain a higher level of control, but you could easily and efficiently boost equipment on-time and plant productivity. Here are some examples:

You might ask an environmental control system with a PAM interface, "What is the temperature?" After the computer replies, you could can say, "Turn it up," and PAM will understand that "it" refers to the thermostat controlling the temperature.

Using the customization tools supplied with PAM and the factory alarm language pack, it's easy to add support for requests like, "What is the status of kiln one?" Or a maintenance supervisor might say, "Reset the kiln alarms." If there are several kilns, PAM will ask which kiln the supervisor means—unless there are no alarms to reset.

Or take a sheet-metal fabrication facility as an example. On a CNC turret punch press, there are lots of different kinds of machine alarms. In one instance, the output from a gearbox thermocouple could signal an over-temperature condition and halt production—even though it might not be serious. Using PAM, remote technicians can get information on how serious the deviation is, reset the alarm and restart the machine remotely.

On the other hand, a sheet-out-of clamp-notice from the clamp sensors would alert a maintenance technician or the operator to make an appropriate fix.

A technician or manager who is out of the plant can gauge these two situations over the phone. Still just using the phone, they can decide to reset the machine and continue running parts, or specify a manual intervention.

More than just machine alarms

PAM can do management as well as maintenance. The production foreman can use PAM to get counter output results to check how many sheets of material have been run—right over the phone—and make dynamic production adjustments. You can even set PAM up to answer questions like:

  • "How many of part 3002 are in stock?"
  • "When will order 8967 be ready?"

A wide range of system compatibility

PAM can integrate flexibly into a wide variety of computer-controlled systems. Contact us to find out how you can add PAM to your systems.


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