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about PAM


Bringing space-age technology to the factory floor

Originally developed in 1996 under a Small Business Innovation Research contract for NASA Johnson Space Center, the I/NET natural language system was designed to control robotic assistants in space.

Now marketed as the I/NET Phone Automation Manager (PAM), the same space-age technology is being used to control factory equipment here on earth-making them run more efficiently and saving maintenance and management time.

The easy way to increase factory uptime

Because PAM uses the latest in Conversational Interface Technology, it's simple to use. One call gives you up-to-date information about computer-controlled equipment:

  • Follow up on alarms
  • Check machine status
  • Manage production
  • Even customize to provide warehouse, stock, and order information

You don't have to memorize menu options, fight pre-set scripts, or get shunted off into phone-tree dead ends. Advanced language capabilities enable natural dialogue that goes well beyond scripted voice-recognition prompts, so PAM:

  • Requires less training
  • Is less frustrating
  • Is a more useful system

And PAM is also easy to install. The pre-built I/NET language libraries for factory automation handle the processes for specific system functions. There's no need to create complex dialog trees or design specialized interactions during installation.

The easy way to add value to your equipment

Equipment manufacturers and end users can easily extend the built-in language libraries to include new sensor signals or accommodate other specific needs. PAM can also integrate flexibly into a wide variety of systems.

The easy way to find out more

To read more about how you can use PAM in your plant, download an Adobe Acrobat version of our brochure.


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