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It's time you had a talk with your factory equipment

Satisfied Customer In today's economy, you need to get the most from your equipment and your people. Now there's a simple way to increase machine on-time and improve personnel efficiency—the I/NET Phone Automation Manager (PAM).

In the factory, PAM lets maintenance personnel call in and find out how machines are performing so they can manage a larger number of machines, and stay on top of maintenance and productivity issues. In addition, when problems occur, PAM will make outbound calls to notify personnel, discuss the problem, and suggest possible solutions.

Employees can also be on call without ever leaving home, increasing worker flexibility and decreasing your staffing needs. So you not only get more use out of your equipment, you protect your investment with improved maintenance too.

Best of all, PAM helps you make your whole plant more productive with a normal phone conversation. You just talk to your machinery like you would to another person. It's easy to learn and easy to use. So you start seeing benefits right away.


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